Not everyone carries a badge for the grammar police. But people notice spelling and grammar mistakes more than you might think. Let’s face it, we can laugh about misspelled words on take-out menus, but what about bad grammar on an accountant’s website? The bottom line is that people react better to error-free content, so bad grammar most likely leads to a poor user experience and that in turn hurts your SEO (oh no, was that a run-on sentence?).

How Does Poor Grammar & Spelling Affect SEO?

Google has never said that spelling and grammar directly impact SERPs (search engine result pages). But that just means they do not run a spell-check over the entire Internet. On the other hand, Google’s Panda algorithm checks for content quality, and it’s a secret how grammar might play into that. Bing has stated that they do penalize sites that consistently publish poorly written content.

So, why should grammar matter for, say a mechanic, a restaurant or service contractor? Every question circles back to the same objective: high-quality content that people like and trust.

What we want to achieve in SEO is; being ranked for high-quality content, turning low bounce rates, relevant tags and titles, error free links, anchor text and backlink authority…then it’s easy to see how bad grammar can indirectly hurt your SEO results. When people encounter too many typos and errors, they leave your site. They don’t link to you from their own site. Somebody else does what you do, and they seem more professional because their content doesn’t end sentences with prepositions. They end up with the competitive advantage. Perhaps it’s unfair, but it’s true. Links. metadata and other technical stuff are important because spelling errors in your code result in error pages for humans and our little crawler bot monsters.

What is a Grammar Expert Called?

It’s worth mentioning that this is especially important for multilingual markets. Aruba is a prime example. Say, 70% of your small business client base is local and your site in Papiamento. Now you want to start targeting the 1+ million tourists that visit annually. Are you going to ask your nephew who speaks good English to translate it for you? I am convinced, Dunglish ( the popular term for mistakes native Dutch speakers make when trying to speak English) not only can ruin the message you are trying to convey, but I am convinced, frequent exposure to Dunglish is highly contagious.

Unfortunately, you can’t rely on auto-translators. They simply choke on Papiamento. The auto-translate from Papiamento to English on Facebook is nothing short of hilarious! What could Papiamento into Dutch possibly look like?

Polish Your Website With Professional, SEO-Friendly Writing & Editing

Let’s face it. You didn’t realize that you became a publisher when you bought a website. It’s time to take writing and editing seriously. Your best bet — skip the good English speakers and let professionals take care of it.  At Maydragonfly Marketing we can edit your existing content and create compelling new content for all your pages and blog posts. Readers will love the professionalism, and the search engines will take notice!


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