There’s millions of them, aimed at a variety of people with numerous needs, in all different shapes and sizes. So with this much choice, how do you ensure your branding  stands out, attracts customers, and is a perfect fit for your business?

You start by understanding exactly what a brand is…

A brand describes the experience everyone will have when they come into contact with your organisation – it will form the fundamental principles of your culture and a promise to the market you are serving – a promise to fulfill at every touch-point. It will be reflected in your daily work and the way you deliver products, services and solutions consistently, through a focus on excellence and shared values. Put simply, it’s a belief system.
Now we all know that a visual identity can be controlled and managed with the right tools – guidelines and a creative framework will ensure the application of your logo and house style is applied consistently across all media. This in itself is important – but this in itself is not a brand. Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.

…Your brand is your reputation.

We’re passionate about combining the science of brand strategy with brand marketing to bring a brand to life. Our own brand is one of the reasons we’re such a success. Great people want to work for us, and those great people stay. Great clients want to work with us and long term partnerships form. Having developed unique methodologies and processes to establish and build brands that truly reflect internal culture and customer loyalty, we are ideally placed to go on this journey with you.

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